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brand story

One of a kind craft beer that began as a bakery's mottainai.

Food loss is a serious global issue in the world today. Breads are one of them and a significant amount of bread is also discarded annually!

At Boulanferme, crusts of bread made for sandwiches are lost during the production process and mainly used as feed and fertilizer. We wondered if we could do something else...So, with the support of various craftsmen, we started a unique project to make beer from crusts.

The unique crusts beer has become an upcycled beer that is not downcycled but delicious and valuable, with each brewery's own character.

our story

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"Boulanferme" is a coined word combining Boulangerie (bakery) and Ferme (farm).

We are a small bakery founded in 1923. We have been facing the "theme" of bread for Japanese people for many years. In our bakery, there is no meaning what is popular in Europe, New York or so.

For consumer, we understand the ingredients, devise production methods that make the best of their potential, and beyond that we would like to contribute to people's lifestyles.

That is the theme of Boulanferme.

Boulanferme line up

  • ラ・トラディション・バゲット La Tradition Baguette

  • ラ・トラディション・バタール La Tradition Batard

  • ミエーレ・ピスターシュ Miel Pistache

  • パン・ド・セーグル Pain De Seigle

  • Boulanfermeのバターロール

  • Boulanfermeの生食パン

  • OEM商品の共同開発